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Contract Law - Remedies etc._pdf

Illustrabon in example 1 if a did not want to sell

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Unformatted text preview: her similar machine for $1200. o  To put B in posiBon as contract had been properly performed, what must A pay B? 1(A)i Unliquidated Damages •  Generally the plainBff can only sue for the losses suffered by him and cannot sue for the profits made by the defendant as a result of the breach. •  IllustraBon: - In Example 1, if A did not want to sell to B because he managed to sell the machine to C for $1500, how much can B sue for: $200 or $500? 1(A)i Unliquidated Damages •  Generally the plainBff cannot sue for puni4ve damages; ie: damages which go to punish the defendant, as opposed to damages, which go to compensate the plainBff. •  IllustraBon: - In Example 1, instead of awarding B $200 in damages, can the court ask A to pay for instance, another $300 so as to...
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