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Contract Law - Remedies etc._pdf

Illustrabon in example 1 if aer entering into a

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Unformatted text preview: punish A? 1(A)i Unliquidated Damages •  Generally, the plainBff must suffer some loss. If he has suffered no loss, he may only be enBtled to nominal damages. •  IllustraBon: - In Example 1, if B subsequently managed to go out into the market and buy a similar machine for $800, what can B sue for? 1(A)i Unliquidated Damages – Types of Loss Types of Unliquidated Damages ExpectaBon Loss Reliance Loss ConsequenBal Loss 1(A)i Unliquidated Damages Types of Loss •  [email protected] Loss refers to the amount the plainBff had expected to make if the contract had not been breached. •  IllustraBon: Ø།  In Example 1, if a`er entering into a contract with A, B entered into a contract with D to sell the machine for $1400, what can B sue for assuming...
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