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Brittany Rae Salopek November 29, 2006 Handicap: Deafness or Wrongful Assumptions? Culture is a very deep concept that has dramatic differences between each group it pertains to. A person who is naive to a particular culture and finds difficulty in understanding its rituals and daily life routines is not necessarily because of a personal refusal to learn about the culture, but possibly because the general teachings of that society are already negative and considered unimportant in the classroom. I had relatively no knowledge of the deaf culture previous to my watching of this film and unfortunately participated in many of the beliefs that the deaf people in this film found insulting and to be their greatest obstacle in partaking in a ‘normal’ life as they deserve. Viewing the film Sound and Fury by Josh Aronson greatly affected and changed my opinion of deafness and the deaf culture in what I believe to be a positive alteration. Despite the fact that there are sounds everywhere, some people prefer being deaf and even believe that ‘hearing impaired’ is the wrong term for their condition contrary to what most hearing people believe (Aronson: 1996). As seen in the film, a deaf man described his life as being peaceful and without the annoying or stressful noises of everyday life that the majority of people face (Aronson: 1996). Often, deaf parents give birth to deaf children and are delighted to have brought another human being into the world that can share with them the culture that they love, the deaf culture (Aronson: 1996). Recently, scientists have created an advanced technological breakthrough; a cochlear implant is “an electronic device surgically implanted to stimulate nerve endings in the inner ear (cochlea) in order to receive and process sound and speech” (Products). This Salopek 1
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medical advancement, now offered to those who are dissatisfied with their hearing impairment, has created controversy between many people including families (Aronson: 1996). More specifically, this film focuses on a family’s struggle with the idea of the cochlear implant and still enculturating their children with teachings about the deaf world (Aronson: 1996). Heather, a six year old deaf child, has heard of the cochlear implant and is rather
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deaf culture - Salopek 1 Brittany Rae Salopek Handicap...

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