okie noodling - Brittany Rae Salopek Okie Noodling Down in...

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Okie Noodling Down in the southern rooted state of Oklahoma, a man slowly and quietly swims about in a small creek infested with oversized catfish (Beesley 2001). As he swims along the bank, he feels a catfish nesting hole that intrigues his interest (Beesley 2001). He slowly places his bare arm down into the hole and feels around for a slimy creature (Beesley 2001). Suddenly, a monstrous fish bites and latches onto the man’s arm, but surprisingly, he is not phased by this animal digging its teeth deeper into his forearm, and he seems pleased for finding the fish (Beesley 2001). He forcefully rips his arm from the whole with the fish still knawing at his arm (Beesley 2001). He tries to settle the creature, but the fish thrashes about, splashing water and nearly pulling the man under (Beesley 2001). He finally contains the animal with a paralyzing grasp by slightly bending the fish’s body and tosses it onto the bank of the river (Beesley 2001). He then turns back to find another hole housing an even larger catfish (Beesley 2001). The technique and intense hobby of catching catfish by hand is called okie noodling (Beesley 2001). This form of hunting has existed for only one hundred years, but relates back to a form of fishing that Native Americans used with a towel wrapped around their arm (Beesley 2001). Most noodlers fish in farm ponds and small creeks, but they keep their specific locations secret in an attempt to keep the highest success spots exclusive (Beesley 2001). These ponds are thriving when the catfish are spawning, but
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okie noodling - Brittany Rae Salopek Okie Noodling Down in...

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