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model autoethnography - Brittany Rae Salopek Megan Ward...

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Brittany Rae Salopek Megan Ward English 111 GE 12/04/06 The Walk Walking so fiercely down the runway, as your hair waves about, you exude all of your confidence to the audience with an elongated stride and certain grin. The runway might as well be water, because whatever it is, you are walking on it and looking damn good. Despite all of your inner anxiety of breaking a heel, tearing the dress, or stumbling instead of displaying your statue-like pose, you put on a care-free face and act as if you were to turn your palm upward, the onlookers could see the world resting in your hand with your fingers tightly grasped around it. Little do they know all of the work you have put into sculpting your body and demanding a position as a top model for nearly hundreds of agencies. All they see is a beautiful girl wearing a stunning design that they want to buy, and that is satisfying enough. Modeling is a very intense environment that can be considered a culture due to its restricting requirements to be involved, in depth amount of skills and learning about the proper and necessary techniques, and the constant competition between the other hired models. This is a cut and dry world that is not for those who are intimidated because they will be eaten by the other competing models in a heartbeat. Despite the hours spent practicing walking, talking, positioning the body, and training facial movements, many models are not given the credit and respect they deserve. Modeling is a puissant culture filled with difficult and straining aspects that build up to an adrenaline rush when executing the final product. First a model must attend go-sees; the model arrives at a studio or agency to meet the designer for an in-depth interview that deciphers which models will be hired. The girl usually
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presents her portfolio or and assortment of pictures to display how she looks when photographed. The portfolios are composed of a range of photos displaying not only the model’s natural beauty, but also her creative posing abilities and capability of conforming to different modeling settings. The young girls, aging anywhere from fourteen to twenty-six years old, also walk for the agent and are interviewed about their past experiences in modeling. The agency then decides if they would like to represent this person. There are many types of modeling.
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model autoethnography - Brittany Rae Salopek Megan Ward...

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