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Salopek Brittany Rae Salopek Megan Ward English 111 GE 12/05/06 A Runway Collage of Beauty The bright, nearly blinding lights are intensely glaring into your make-up covered eyes. Your head is coated in hair spray, stabilizing the artwork they have designed with your long locks as they flow about your face. The painful four inch heels you squeezed onto your feet are a size and a half too small, but you still manage to walk in a tight-rope line down the runway and you look damn good doing it. You have perfected your hip- thrashing catwalk and glide down your stage as the onlookers gawk in amazement of your ravishing outfit devised by the newest designers on the market. You get to the end of the lighted stage-way and strike your pose; you look out into the darkened audience, strongly display a confidently flirtatious smirk, turn, and strut your long, lean legs backstage. The adrenaline is still rushing through your veins as your agent approaches you, surprisingly delivering bad news despite the awesome show you just conveyed: the industry is banning you from modeling for having to low of the supposed healthy body mass index; your career is over unless you hurriedly and unwholesomely gain weight. This became a reality for many hard-working women in the modeling industry in Madrid, Spain on September ninth of 2006. That day, “Spain’s top fashion show [has] turned away a slew of models on grounds they are too skinny — an unprecedented swipe at body images blamed for encouraging eating disorders among young people” (Spanish pars 1). As the prestigious models went to their go-sees for the show “Organizers of the pageant, known as the Pasarela Cibeles, used a mathematical formula to calculate the 1
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Salopek models’ body mass index — a measure of their weight in relation to their height — and 30 percent of the women flunked, said the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain” (Spanish pars 2). The newly implemented guidelines threw the industry for a whirlwind of both applause from the general public and enraged activist from the industry. This new policy was implemented “as part of a voluntary agreement with the Madrid regional government” (Spanish pars 4). The required procedure is a direct result from when “Last year’s show, also called Madrid Fashion Week, drew protests from medical associations and women’s advocacy groups because some of the models were positively bone-thin” (Spanish pars 5). Regardless of the satisfied designers whose clothing flowed more beautifully on the thin models, some spectators felt that the show portrayed a negative message. Having worked in the modeling industry for only a year I must admit to seeing the detrimental affects many girls inflict on their bodies to create the image they believe many agencies and designers are looking for. Once, after a show, a few girls and I went out for dinner. After stuffing my face as usual with an assortment of platters, I headed to the bathroom, where I found one my fellow models gagging herself into vomiting into a
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obesity - Salopek Brittany Rae Salopek Megan Ward English...

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