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Brittany Rae Salopek Megan Ward English 111 11-7-06 Prospectus Originally, I was teamed up with a group of three other classmates including Anderson, Nate, and Rae. Currently, I am not sure if our entire group will be staying together; both of the boys have mentioned that they may be leaving our group and doing single projects, so we still need to work that out. I had come up with the plan that each of us would make a 3D collage on a thick poster board that was about 2 by 3 feet. Then, we could combine all of the collages to make one monster collage that would represent our freshman year. We decided to include objects that symbolized our academic, social, and extracurricular activities. Although, I hadn’t already designed my collage in great detail I had come up with some ideas that would be put on my poster board.
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Unformatted text preview: After analyzing the group, I felt that I was one of the biggest “partiers” and most willing to talk about my social experiences. I thought I could use objects that showed experiences from parties I had gone to, but I realize that I have to sometimes be discrete about the things I put on there. For example, maybe use a root beer bottle rather than an actually beer bottle. Also, considering that Greek Life is a huge part of every day life for about 40 percent of Miami students I could find symbols showing what procedures I have already gone through for rushing. In addition, I would like to include items displaying the importance of school and a good education to me. Calculus was one of my more challenging classes first semester, so maybe a calculator and pencil would add a nice touch to my board....
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