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Brittany Rae Salopek Rae Buchweitz Rubric Choice of Project: Did the group come up with a new and refreshing idea that focused on their own personal experiences and reflected the experiences many freshmen faced their first semester of college at Miami University? /5 pts. Audience: Did the project reach out to the intended audience decided by the group members? For this specific project and the content involved in the collage should appeal to the typical freshman at Miami University /10 pts. Content: Did the group members include content such as documents, artifacts, and representative symbols that display their experiences from the first semester? These items should not always be the obvious objects, but even some that included deeper thinking of what took place. /30 pts. Eye Appeal: Although there is a lot of thought going into this project, it is a collage and should
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Unformatted text preview: be rather eye appealing to the audience. Different colors, textures, sizes and shapes should be included on the board and each item should add to the final piece making it pop. / 20 pts. Organization: Did the group members align their collage to make the best use out of their limited space to represent their ideas? Items should be strategically distributed throughout the board finalizing in an appealing art piece that utilizes the restricted amount of space. /15 pts. Presentation: Do the group members present their project in a clear manner that explains their ideas and beliefs as to what first semester was composed of? They should speak clearly and loudly for all class members to hear and understand. /20 pts. Total: /100 pts....
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