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EU rebuttle - various regions to work together thereby...

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Countries reject Euro -11 of 30 in EU use Euro One of your arguments that you posted was and I quote “The EU recognizes the importance of the rich cultural diversity present in Europe, and does not wish to diminish it.” Here you made a point which is practically the backbone of our argument. If the EU wishes to keep the diversity but is also pushing for an increase in national participation of the Euro, isn’t the present thought to strengthen the diversity by unifying the region? If they eliminate the current barriers they are facing, for instance having to exchange their money for the correct currency every time they travel, then it will be easier for people of
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Unformatted text preview: various regions to work together thereby ultimately spreading diverse citizens throughout Europe. Due to the ease of working with other nations and not deliberating over the correct amount of money due back for their currency people are more likely to work together and begin commuting more easily throughout Europe, hence the diversity will be enhanced. There are also people that have explained that they live in one country, work in another, and even date someone from another. Voting for EU • Britian: • Sweden in September of 2003: yes: 41.8% no: 56.2% • Denmark in September of 2000: yes: 47% no: 53%...
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