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In si it is 112 ev and in gaas the 142 ev therefore si

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Unformatted text preview: reshold voltage, / . In Si, it is 1.12 eV, and in GaAs, the 1.42 eV. Therefore, Si diode turns on at a lower forward voltage than the GaAs diode. (c) Since , , the forward voltage of the Ge diode must be smaller than , , both forward voltages of Si and GaAs diodes. 2. (a) Correct. Under equilibrium, all processes are balanced by the opposite process. The semiconductor of an LED, under steady-state current injection, has much more recombination than generation. The semiconductor of a photodetector, operated under steady-state conditions, has a much larger photo-generation rate than recombination rate. In a pn-junction diode operated under forward bias, the diffusion current is much larger than the drift current. A transient state always occurs between two ste...
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