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English II Review for Spring Final 2006/07 (check the Student Read-Only Folder for some of the handout to help) 1984 Review Characters: 1.Winston-note his changes throughout the book 2.O’Brien 3.Syme 4.Mr. Charrington 5.Goldstein’s book 6.Julia 7.Big Brother Terms: 1.telescreeen 2.thought police 3.two minute hate 4. Newspeak 5.Proles 6.Doublethink 7.Room 101 Be able to identify literary devicesused in quotes from 1984:irony, rhetorical question, imagery, symbol, foreshadowing, paradox, flashback, theme, Review Readings from the Literature Book: 1.“Night” (592) 2.“Farewell to Mazanar” (602) 3.“Teacher Who Changed My Life (484) 4.“A Celebration of Grandfathers” (455) 5.“Montgomery Boycott” (124) 6.“Piano” (228) 7.“Those Winter Sunday” (229) 8.“Tonight I Can Write” (351) 9.“Pedestrian” (95) x 10. “By the Waters of Babylon” 11. “A Chip of Glass Ruby”
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Unformatted text preview:11. "A Chip of Glass Ruby" (964) 12. "White Heron" (822) from Research Papers: 1. know how to correctly cite a source within a paper 2. know the correct MLA format for a Works Cited page 3. MLA format for the heading and the header 4. Proper use of blended quotes including punctuation. 5. Proper title format Understand the Literary Devices: (handouts and back of Lit bk) 1. alliteration 2. allusion 3. assonance 4. author's purpose (from handout) 5. characterization 6. diction 7. ethos 8. flashback 9. foreshadowing 10. hyperbole 11. imagery 12. irony 13. logos 14. metaphor 15. paradox 16. parallelism 17. personification 18. plot 19. repetition (not various types) 20. rhetorical question 21. setting 22. simile 23. style 24. symbol 25. syntax 26. theme 27. tone