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Study GuideB - and general cultural situation Particularly...

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Study Guide—Exam I China This guide is to be used in conjunction with the PowerPoint image guide. The exam consists of fifty multiple choice questions, 30 of which are based on images, three are from  Discussion Board posting, the remaining are based from information in this study guide. Familiarize yourself with the following artists/critics, their artistic theories, and the general traits of their  artwork and life. Guo Xi Xie He Dong Qichang Zhu Da Shi Tao Know the following: Kui Leiwen Taotie Wu wei Oracle bones Spirit resonance Frottage Qin Dynasty innovations and accomplishments Stylistic features of early Chinese painting Human sacrifice Jade burial suits Influence on Early Buddhist imagery Familiarize yourself with the Chinese Dynasties and Neolithic peoples.  Know the traits of the dynasty 
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Unformatted text preview: and general cultural situation. Particularly look at ♦ Yangshao, Hongshan, Longshan, and Liangzhu ♦ Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Discussion Board Postings—Your three reading questions will be taken from the following: ♦ “The Nine Tripods” – Brittany Salopek ♦ “Shang and Zhou Bronzes’ – Caitlyn Brinson ♦ “A Magic Army for the Emperor” – Maureen Coyle ♦ “Six Laws of Xie He” – Marina Orekov ♦ “Of Nature and Art: Monumental Landscape” – Courtney Cochran ♦ “Guo Xi’s Writings on Landscape Paintings” – Brittney Bengtson ♦ “The Conventional Success of Chen Shu” – Lucas Goldbach...
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