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Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review - Final Exam Review 2 Television branded...

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Final Exam Review 2. Television branded to narrow cast and cable is the medium in which they did so Though the advent of cable - narrowcasting came in and they branded themselves to a nich audience b/c of cable had the opportunity to narrow cast and b/c of that certain branded networks were able to come about Cable Networks MTV o Youth music television o Example of branding: putting their logo onto all of their shows o Animating their logo at the beginning or end of their tv programs ESPN o Sports television o Male demographic Broadcast Network In 1976 ABC finally moves from being the 3 rd best network to the 1 st because they focus on the youth demographics o ABC’s “Still the One” Campaign o Subsequently “the one” was adopted by other non-major networks Quality programming Positive Effect From the viewer - if you know what you want to want, its easy to know the channel to find it on Negative Effect 1. Media Regulation - week 11
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