You can imagine various theories about why this might

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Unformatted text preview: misplaced the phone in the past to identify an area I must search to locate the phone. • What should we be learning here? o Statistics is a vast universe. There are tremendous numbers of conditions and special cases and exceptions. • Comparing Sample Means: t ­test • For comparing two means or other statistics of location • 9.6 in Biometry • An example of frequentist statistics. >does not look at prior information, as Bayesian statistics does • Can be used to compare two columns of data o A recycling truck company says it has evidence that picking up the recycling twice per week results in more pounds of recycling. You can imagine various theories about why this might (or might not) be the case. Let the data give the answer. o Environmentally conscious people make more money than those who are not. And other examples in the lecture slides. o M...
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