China - Salopek 1 Chinas Northern Song Dynasty was a...

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Salopek 1 China’s Northern Song Dynasty was a threatening time of possible overtakes by invaders from other empires that lasted between the years of 960 to 1125 A .D. This was also an innovative period of Chinese landscape paintings led by Guo Xi, a great landscape artist who is recognized as one of the most influential art theorists of all time . He was a respected court professional, experienced literati, as well as an informed “painter who developed an incredibly detailed system of idiomatic brushstrokes which became important for later painters” (Guo Xi) . Landscapes became Xi’s specialty and he grew as a well-known artist due to his original aptitude to decipher what made for an exquisite painting . Guo Xi, living from 1000 to 1090, made advances about how painters should consider landscapes all the way from “the mood of the image to advice on painting” (Brown) . He pinpointed various types of clouds, scenes, and mountains that best captured “the experience of the scholar-hermit who retreats to the mountains for escape from the bureaucratic city life” (Brown) . As more attention was drawn toward Guo Xi he realized the significance of his work and prestige of his advice that influenced him to combine his techniques, observations, and recommendations into a collaboration of texts referred to as Collection of Hermit in Woods and Spring , “which is one of the most important treatises on Chinese landscape painting” (Guo Xi) . As an author, Xi amplified his beliefs “concerning the goal of art and his views on various techniques . He believed that the process of creating art was a spiritual journey that involves great imagination and the ability to contemplate and experience nature directly through the mind” (Guo Xi) .
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China - Salopek 1 Chinas Northern Song Dynasty was a...

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