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Dan Ciaccio Amanda Hicks 11/16/06 Recitation The “Great Charter” During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries there was no set system of laws and justice, most of the governments were based on feudal systems which gave the king supreme power. Kings created laws and decided how criminals should be dealt with. They often abused their power in order to repay debts and to maximize their funds. This unfair system of government lasted until the barons under the rule of King John revolted, and made him follow the Magna Carta. This charter revolutionized the way future governments and kings would rule their people. The Magna Carta was developed in 1215 and referred to as the “Great Charter”. The reason why it is so important and influential is because it ensured that the king is subject to the law. There are three main principals that the Magna Carta included that made that possible. The Magna Carta enforced the belief that the king and everyone under the king had to “operate under the rule of law” and this severely limited the king
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world civ essay - Dan Ciaccio 11/16/06 The "Great...

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