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Coed Schools - You have to be able to work with both males...

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Brent Mansingh Dr. Beckers February 27, 2008 Attendance Assignment Single Sex Schools and Classes When I first saw this topic for attendance, I asked myself, “Should there be single sex schools?” And the answer came almost immediately. I do not think single sex schools benefits children. Initially you could argue it would help the learning environment for both boys and girls. But, if you think about the work place, it is not separated.
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Unformatted text preview: You have to be able to work with both males and females. From personal experience, I love going to a co-ed. After the storm, a good friend of mine came to my school after previously attending a single sex school. It seemed as if he were a minnow in a pool of sharks. He didn’t know how to speak with girls, and always seemed nervous. This type of behavior is why I would fear sending my child to a single sex school....
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