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Do I want to be a teacher-nikki

Do I want to be a teacher-nikki - math teacher being that I...

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Brent Mansingh Ms. G. Beckers EDCI 2001 “Do I Want To Be A Teacher?” Personally, I do not think the field of teaching is my true calling. Although I love kids, and I have a knack for helping others, I think my talents could be used better elsewhere. My mother is a teacher and so are two of my aunts. So I know the difficult tasks that a lot of teachers have to go through. Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to either be a doctor or be the proud owner of a business. If my plans for the future did happen to fall through, I could see my self using teaching as a fallback plan. If I were to go into teaching I would seek a position in a school as a
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Unformatted text preview: math teacher, being that I have made A’s in both calculus classes here at LSU, and as a coach. I have played sports all my life, and love athletics. I think I could contribute a lot to younger athletes and teach them a little about sports. I believe teachers are important because they are instilling their beliefs and their knowledge in to the future. So, in itself, teaching is a way of touching not just the lives of our children, but a way of touching the lives of everyone they come in contact with. Kind of like…an STD. Well nothing like it, but it goes around, and you never know who it’s going to come in contact with....
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