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aatm 3.7 - Acid Deposition-Impacts Air-acidic...

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Acid Rain-A Brief history 1663- John Evelyn, "The inconvenience of the Air and the Smoke of London Dissipated" identified influence of industrial emissions on the health of plants and people 1692- Roberty Boyle, "A General History of Air" referrred to nitrous and sulphurous spirits 1872- Robert Augus Smith, "Air and Rain: The Beginnings of a Chemical Climatology" coined phrase "acid rain" 1909- Soren Sorvenson defines Ph scale 1920's, 30's many studies on the effects of acid on the environment late 1950's acidification of lakes in Sweden observed early 1970's problems surfaces as an international issue between the U.s. and Canada 1980-1990 National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program (NaPAP)
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Unformatted text preview: Acid Deposition-Impacts Air-acidic particles-visibility-Human health-respiratory ailments-Acidic Fog/Rain-Materials-corrosion (metals)-erosion (stone)-Vegitation (Trees, etc.)-leaf damage Acid particles (dry deposition) Acidic gg/rain (wet deopsition Soils-nutrient availability Toxin release-loss of buffering capacity Vegetation (trees, etc)-foot damage-cold tolorance Water- lakes and streams-chronic acidification-episodic acidification-eutcophication-auqatic life-stress (ph tolorance)-toxins (aluminium)-algae Dealing with coal fired power plant emissions-spread pollution elsewhere "The solution to pollution is dilution"...
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aatm 3.7 - Acid Deposition-Impacts Air-acidic...

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