You must bring your presentation on a flash drive if

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Unformatted text preview: ess Plan Presenter Soloway <no meeting> Soloway Soloway Soloway Tandon Tammy Jobs: Wealth Management Feldman Spring Break <party time> Jobs: Product Management Soloway Assignments Assignment #1 Ethics Due 2/11/2013 Assignment #2 Tech Future Due 2/25/2013 Assignment #3 Personal Finance Plan Due 3/11/2013 Assignment #4 What I've Learned Due 3/25/2013 18- Mar 25- Mar Jobs: Balancing Work & Life Rob Pasick I Wanna be an entrepreneur Doug Neal 1- Apr 8- Apr 15- Apr 22- Apr Assignment #5 Intellectual Property Susan Kornfield Business Plan Due TBD I Wanna be an entrepreneur TBD I Wanna be an entrepreneur TBD Professionalism Rich Sheridan RULES about presentations: 1. You MUST bring your presentation on a flash drive. If you don’t have one, I will lend you one. Do NOT plan on using Google Drive; ONLY a flash drive is acceptable. 2. Please upload all your presentation to CTools. We will have an assignment entry for the presentations. 3. To sign up for a presentation slot, go to http://doodle...
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