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Brent Mansingh Dr. Beckers March 10, 2008 Topics For Attendance Standardized Testing First I would like to say how wonderful puppies are. Second, I would like to emphasize how one’s opinion of a puppy can change instantly as soon as he poops on the controversial issue page 202 on standardized testing. Standardized testing is in my opinion a poor way to test children. It is more or less tests how they read through tricky questions quickly. There are so many books out there that talk
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Unformatted text preview: about how to take standardized tests, how to cheat the system by simply looking at the answers. And in all honesty, there are several students out there who simply can’t test under such stress. This stand alone test basically determines whether or not you go to college. Or rather, what college you will go to. I think they should rework the test, so you can take it in parts, and make you more student friendly....
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