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4.7 Reprocessing: Separate components of spent fuel rod Uranium-235 for new fuel rods Uranium-238 some for new rods: stockpile excess Plutonium-239 breeder fuel or nuclear weapons Fission products waste U.S. commercial reprocessing: West Valley, NY 1966-1972 By executive order in 1977, President Carter forbid reprocessing Spent fuel rods are now "simply" stored Europe and Japan reprocess Bush Administration has proposed resumption in U.S. "global Nuclear Energy Partnership" (GNEP) The Non-Proliferation Treaty 1968 Radoactive Wast Management Radioactive tailings=low-level radioactive rock from mining Low-level wastes=contaminated tools, clothes, piping, etc.
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Unformatted text preview: High-level wastes= highly radioactive spent fuel About 100,000 tons of low-level waste (clothing) and about 36,000 tons of high-level (spent-fuel) waste in the US-London Dumping Convention (1972) forbids ocean dumping-For past 20 years, spent fuel assemblies have been stored in deep water-filled pools at the power plants. (Designed to be temporary) Radioactive Waste Management-Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982-US department of Energy announced plans to build a high-level waste repository near Yucca Mountain Nevada in 1987...
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