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1bil 161 income 33bil 241 dividendrate 083 2373

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Unformatted text preview: year growth Sales 34.1 bil. 16.1% Income 3.3 bil 24.1% Dividend rate 0.83 23.73% Dividend yield 2.12% 1.80% 2007 Outlook 2007 Market cap of more than $5 billion Stock is up more than 280% since September 2002 Manulife has extended its business into China and other Asian markets Asia Territories Life Insurance sales were up 42% year over year Reach its target of 15% organic EPS growth Economic Risks and Factors Economic Inflation Interest rates World Wide Events Baby boomer effects Inflation Inflation Normal part of the Economic process Leads to premiums being inflated Factor affecting life­insurance industry and competitors Interest Rates Interest Economic factor Impacts individuals who take out loans May lead to potential defaults and declines of policies affecting companies position and its earning power World wide...
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