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What made the Great Depression “Great”? Dramatic scale and scope Worldwide phenomenon Prolonged timeframe Negative growth in GNP High unemployment 1920’s Economy: On the road to bust Skewed distribution of wealth Agricultural crisis o Overproducing o Over farming the land o Drought-dustbowl International trade and debt Credit structure Black Tuesday (Oct 29 th , 1929) Speculation Frenzy o Margin buying o Panic o Bottom falls out of market, Oct 29 th Crash a symptom not a cause
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Unformatted text preview: Women’s Waged Work in Depression America • Rising numbers of married women employed • Myth of the “woman wage stealer” • Gender employment inequalities • Racial distinctions Herbert Hoover’s Depression • From Hero to Heel • Limitations of Pro-business philosophy • Hooverville and migration • Hobos and sisters of the road • Migrants of the dust bowl • “Shantytowns” o Hoovervilles...
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