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Physics for Scientists and Engineers (3rd Edition)

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Unformatted text preview: PHY132 Final Practice Exam The final exam is cumulative, i.e. it covers ALL material that was discussed in the PHY132 course. There will be at least one (maybe two) problems from the material of the first midterm exam as well as one or two problems from the second midterm exam’s material. The final exam will have about 10 problems, i.e. you will have at least 15 minutes to work on each problem. There won’t be multiple choice problems. Bring a pen and a pocket calculator to the exam. The exam is a closed book exam , but you are allowed to bring your own notes in your own handwriting on one single sheet of paper. In your own interest, check all the details regarding the exam rules (all of them will be enforced) in the syllabus on the course web page. The problems in this practice exam are from the new material since the second midterm exam only. It is a very wise idea to not only look at these problems but to review also the problems you got in the two midterm exams and the corresponding practice exams. Furthermore, you should be aware that it is completely impossible to discuss all the material that is relevant for the final exam in a dozen practice problems or the practice session. To get a more complete overview, you should look at all your homework problems again and make sure that you fully understand the material discussed there. The following equations and quantities might be useful for you. They will be provided in the exam as well. 2 r qQ k | F | = r 2 2 9 C Nm 10 9 4 1 k × = πε = 2 2 12 Nm C 10 85 . 8 − × = ε q F E r r = ∫ ⋅ − = s d E V r r r 4 Q V πε = . encl E Q A d E ε = ⋅ = Φ ∫ r r qV U = CV Q = d A K C ε = 2 CV 2 1 U = 2 E 2 1 u ε = 2 1 par C C C + = 2 1 ser C 1 C 1 C 1 + = RI V =...
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This homework help was uploaded on 02/04/2008 for the course PHY 132 taught by Professor Rijssenbeek during the Fall '04 term at SUNY Stony Brook.

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final practice exam - PHY132 Final Practice Exam The final...

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