11.5.07 - • Racial Tensions and Zoot-Suit Riots •...

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World War II-On the Home Front Expanding Federal Authority War Powers Act (1941) Office of War Information (1942) National War Labor Board (1942) War Production and Prosperity Expanding the Economy War Production Board Transforming the West Working Together: War as Opportunity Women in the Work Force o Rosie the Riveter o Women in the Military African Americans and the War o Exec. Order 8802 o Double V. Campaign Chinese Americans and the War o Exclusion Act repealed (1948) Fault Lines and Divisions
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Unformatted text preview: • Racial Tensions and Zoot-Suit Riots • Japanese Internment (Executive Order 9066) The Seeds of War • The Rise of Fascism o Depression strengthens fascist regimes o Germany, Italy and Japan expand empires o European powers respond with policy of appeasement o 1936: Rome-Berlin Axis forms, supports France in Spain o Nazi Germany and Lebensraum : Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, and invasion of Western Europe o 1940 Tripartic Pact-Japan, Germany, Italy...
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