10.8.07 - • Taming urban areas machines and immigrants...

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A “Splendid Little War” in Cuba The cause for Cuba Libre o William Jennings Bryan Opposed imperialism-but was for the war Certain people wouldn’t fit into the US Philippines Jingoism and the tabloid press A declaration of war, April 1898 The Teller Amendment o The US had no interest in acquiring Cuba Spoils of War o Puerto Rico o Guam Platt Amendment, 1901 o Granted the US right to intervene in Cuban affairs At War in the Philippines War against Spain o Manila Bay o Paris Peace Treaty War against the Philippines o Emilio Aguinaldo o War of counterinsurgency o US establishes colonial government, 1902 US decided to become an Empire-Philippines was a colony of the United States Problem-what nationality were people born in Philippines after 1902? . ..are they US citizens or not? Progressive Politics Municipal Politics
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Unformatted text preview: • Taming urban areas: machines and immigrants • City commissions and city managers State Politics • Weakening the power of the political parties o Initiative o Referendum o Recall • Reducing the size of the electorate • Robert. M. LaFollette o Model of a progressive politician o Made Wisconsin a laboratory of progressivism o Emphasis on reform rather than party loyalty National Progressivism • Theodore Roosevelt: Presidential Activist o Unexpected assumes office in 1901 o Works to expand the power of the executive branch o Sees himself as partner of big business Roosevelt’s Progressive Politics • Regulating big business o Anthracite coal strike (1902) o Northern Securities vs. US (1904) o Pure Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act (1906)...
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10.8.07 - • Taming urban areas machines and immigrants...

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