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1 Imperial America-An Expanding Empire The Imperialistic Impulse No single cause led to the United States to embark on the creation of an overseas empire Economic reasons-most important Strategic reasons Ideological reasons o Religious missionary zeal o Social Darwinism-Josiah Strong, Our Country Dahomey Village- 1893 Chicago World’s Fair o Closing of the American Frontier Economic Reasons o Markets
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Unformatted text preview: o Raw materials • Imperialistic adventures o The case of Hawaii Reciprocity treaty, takes effect 1876 Bayonet constitution, 1887 Overthrow of queen Lilli’ uokalani, 1893 U.S. annexation of Hawaii, 1898 • A “splendid little war” in Cuba o The cause for Cuba Libre o Jingoism and the tabloid press o A declaration of war, April 1898 o The Teller Amendment...
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