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Baroque (1600-1750) o Ends at death of U.S. Bach o From Portuguese barroco-pearl of irregular shape o Odd, irregular, grotesque o Applied to visual arts and architecture o Continued rise of middle class, along with poverty o Absolute monarchy-Louis XIV o Development of opera o Music making in university- collegium musicum o o Despite being age of reason, religion still important (religious painting and literature) Main currents In baroque music o Monody-melody and accompaniment, melody emphasized singer and
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Unformatted text preview: instrument o Polyphony not as popular-keep it simple o Camerata-Florentine group of writers, painters, and musicians who developed opera, the most important achievement in Baroque music o Stile reppresentativo- melody moving freely over block chords, developed into recitative in opera\nuove musiche-new expressive style, no counterpoint • New harmonic structures o Figured base-shorthand for chords o Basso continuo-system of the use of figured bass...
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