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Physics for Scientists and Engineers (3rd Edition)

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PHY132 Final Practice Exam Solutions: 1) Consider an LRC series circuit connected to a 60 Hz AC voltage source with a peak voltage of 51 V. The circuit contains an inductance of L = 230 mH, a resistor of R = 200 , and a capacitor of C = 15 µ F. a) What is the impedance Z in this series LRC circuit? = ω ω + = = π = ω 219 C 1 L R Z s rad 377 f 2 2 2 b) What is the average power being dissipated in the circuit? W 4 . 5 Z 2 RV Z R 2 Z V 2 V cos I V P 2 2 0 0 0 rms rms = = × × = φ = c) How would you change the value of the inductance L to maximize the average power dissipation? mH 469 C 1 L C 1 L minimal being for Z maximal is P 2 = ω = ω = ω 2) An LRC series circuit with R = 250 , L = 0.400 H, and C = 20.0 nF, is connected to an AC voltage source of 65 V, operating at the resonance frequency of the circuit. a) What is this resonance frequency of the circuit? s rad 11180 LC 1 0 = = ω b) What is the current in the circuit? A 26 . 0 R V Z V I resonance at R Z rms rms rms = = = = c) What is the voltage on the capacitor? V 1160 C I V rms C = ω =
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3) The virtual image of an object in a spherical mirror is at a distance of 35 cm from the object. The image is upright and six times larger than the object. a) Draw the ray diagram. o
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