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1.31.08 - • Functional differation o Differation expands...

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The Evolution of the State 1.31.08 The Characteristics of a “State” States are organizations o States are inventions, not “natural” entities o Consist of offices and institutions, not individuals Coercive control of a population o Importance of coercion o Monopoly of the use of force in state’s territory Cardinal Richelieu (Chief Minister of France, 1624-42): Establishing a monopoly on coercive power in 17 th century France Wiping out private armies Promote royal authority over religion Destroying city walls Promoting single French language Territorial sovereignty o Sovereignty: supreme legal authority
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Unformatted text preview: • Functional differation o Differation expands capabilities • Centralization and formal coordination o Single executive authority at top o The fate of the Polish monarchy Nobility resists central authority Parliament of nobility can be dissolved by single vote Poland conquered by Sweden in 1706 then becomes Russian client state in 1709, entirely eliminated from 1795 to 1918. o Defined hierarchy among units of state • International recognition o Importance of “recognition” by other states o Arbitrary rules for membership in system...
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  • Spring '08
  • BenjaminFordham
  • Thirty Years' War, Sovereign state, Cardinal Richelieu, Chief Minister of France, Promote royal authority

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