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2.7.08 - Causes of state failure • Characteristics of...

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Contemporary State Formation and State Failure 2.7.08 Today’s Agenda How is contemporary state formation different from the early modern era? What causes states to fail? Are states formed in the contemporary era more likely to fail? Contemporary vs. Early Modern State Formation Presence of existing states as models International institutional environment Extent of international inequality of wealth The Problem of State Failure Definition: inability of state to exert effective control over its territory and population Why do other states worry? o Inability to fulfill obligations to other states o Humanitarian concerns o State failure is contagious
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Unformatted text preview: Causes of state failure • Characteristics of state o Democracy vs. autocracy o Openness to international trade o Control by single ethnic or religious group o Past episodes of state failure • Grievances of population o Failure to deliver basic services o Large-scale inequality • Ease of resistance to state o Terrain o Lootable resources o Homogeneity among group with grievances o Availability of external support Is failure more likely for new states? • Reduced threat of foreign conquest • Higher levels of wealth and trade • Availability of external support • The bad side of good things…...
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