3.18.08 - • Terrorism in conventional warfare o The...

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Terrorism 3/18/08 What is terrorism? Definition: o The purposeful threat or use of violence to create fear and complaint behavior in a victim or a wider audience o Key point: terrorism is a strategy for achieving political goals Common misconceptions o Terrorism is invented in the Middle East **Truth**Most terrorism is perpetrated by people in the same society- political strategy used widely for a lot of purposes o Only non-state actors use terrorism **Truth**State terrorism also a widely used political strategy intended to influence an audience-----a big part used to build states and wipe out hated regimes o Terrorists are insane o Terrorists are poor and desperate o Terrorism does not work Terrorism as a strategy Psychological strategy Terrorism in guerilla warfare o Not all guerillas use terrorism, but most do o Kill state officials and sympathizers o Undermine functioning of society generally Terrorism in counterinsurgency warfare o Demonstrate power of state o Intimidate potential guerilla sympathizers
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Unformatted text preview: • Terrorism in conventional warfare o The “Schelling Model”: Thomas Schelling Explaining Contemporary Terrorism • The role of “political Islam” o Small movement within larger religion o Importance of religious motives overstated • The role of globalization o Globalization creates grievances Makes global inequalities more obvious Causes political and social change o Globalization supplies means for terrorism International travel International financial networks • Role of U.S. as a world power o US policy goals in the Middle East since 1945 Maintain economic access to region’s oil and natural gas resources Insure security of Israel Terrorism 3/18/08 Minimize Soviet influence (during Cold War) o Increasing role in Persian Gulf aster 1968 Backing the Shah of Iran until 1979 Containing and eliminating Saddam Hussein from 1990 until 2003...
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3.18.08 - • Terrorism in conventional warfare o The...

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