Ch 5-States of Consciousness

Ch 5-States of Consciousness - Chapter 5-States of...

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Chapter 5-States of Consciousness 9/27/07 Consciousness o Subjective and private o Dynamic o Self-reflective and central to our sense of “self” Our internal dialogue is how we define ourselves o Measuring states of consciousness Self-reports Physiological measures Behavioral measures Freud’s 3 levels of consciousness Conscious -things happening in you mind that you are awake of; daily thoughts, ideas and beliefs Preconscious o Accessible memories Unconscious-directs behaviors and has a strong impact, much more profound than the conscious experience o sexual desires o aggressive impulses o repressed experiences the cognitive unconscious o Reisberg (1997) The emotional unconscious o Unconscious processes can affect emotion and motivation o The modular mind Interacting “modules” or brain networks for sensation, perception, memory, emotions, etc. alter our consciousness Circadian rhythms o Circadian rhythms are biological cycles Regulated by the suprachiasmatic nucleus in the hypothalamus Environmental factors like the day-night cycle also affect circadian rhythms o Circadian rhythm disruption Seasonal affective disorder Tendency to become depressed During certain months of the year Jet lag West to east (NY Europe) much more difficult to adjust circadian rhythms than East to West Night Shift Work 12am-8am Two theories for why we sleep 1. The repair and restoration theory o Allows the body to recover from exertions of the day
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Ch 5-States of Consciousness - Chapter 5-States of...

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