Ch 11-Development

Ch 11-Development - Chapter 11-Development Broad Issues in...

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Chapter 11-Development 1 Broad Issues in Developmental Research Nature-nurture issue Critical and sensitive periods Continuity vs. discontinuity Stability vs. change of characteristics Research Methods in Developmental Psychology Longitudinal Research : follows the same group of individuals across the life span Cross Sectional Research : examines people of multiple different ages at a single point in time Major Point Resilience of developing fetus against such substances such as caffeine Physical Development Gross Developmental Issues: o Cephalo-caudal trend : Development proceeds in a head-to-foot direction o Proximo-distal trend : Development begins in the innermost parts and moves outward o Maturation : gradual unfolding of genetic blueprint Prenatal Development (conception to birth) : 23 chromosomes donated by sperm, 23 from egg. Gametes carry haploid number of chromosomes. o Sex Chromosomes : (X and Y) determine gender (XX=female, XY=male) Zygote or germinal stage (conception to 2 weeks) : a fertilized egg, and it contains the diploid number of chromosomes (23 pairs; 46 total) Embryo (2 weeks through 8 weeks) : the placenta attaches to the uterus, organs begin to form and the heart starts to beat. o Fetus (9 weeks to birth) : looks unmistakably human. By the end of the 6 th month, the digestive system is functional and the fetus will respond to sounds Overview of fetal development Important Considerations Prior to Birth Teratogens : harmful events such as drugs or viruses that can cross the placental barrier and cause birth defects (both physical and psychological)
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Ch 11-Development - Chapter 11-Development Broad Issues in...

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