Chapter 15-Treatment

Chapter 15-Treatment - Chapter 15-Treatment Treatment of...

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Chapter 15-Treatment 1 Treatment of Psychological disorders Psychodynamic therapy Psychoanalysis (freud) o Insight : the conscious awareness of the psychodynamics that underlie the problem o Interpretation : the therapist’s attempts to explain the inner significance of the client’s thoughts, feelings, memories, and behaviors o Techniques : free association, dream analysis o Resistance : defensive maneuvers by the client that hinder the process of therapy Transference o Positive transference : client transfers feelings of affection, dependency, love to the analyst o Negative transference : expressions of anger, hatred, or disappointment Brief psychodynamic therapy o Focuses on insight and interpretation, like regular psychoanalysis o Conversation rather than free association o Focuses on current life situation, rather than past o Clients seen once or twice a week Humanistic therapy General overview o Focuses primarily on the present and future, rather than the past o Therapy directed at helping clients to discover true identities and to achieve personal growth o Attempt to provide optimistic view of oneself, others in the proximate environment, and human nature in general Three important therapist attributes (Rogers, 1959): o Unconditional positive regard o Empathy o Genuineness Client-centered therapy (Rogers) : an insight therapy that emphasizes providing a supportive emotional climate for clients, who play a major role in determining the pace
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Chapter 15-Treatment - Chapter 15-Treatment Treatment of...

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