Chapter 16-Social Psychology

Chapter 16-Social Psychology - Chapter 16-Social Psychology...

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Chapter 16-Social Psychology 1 Progressive levels of social context Social development Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development : provides a basis for our understanding of how individuals evolve in a social context The immediate social context: bonds and attachment Studies by Harlow Physical comfort versus nutrition Harlow (1958) o Infants spent more time with cloth mother irrespective of where nutrition was provided Social influence: the mere presence of others Social facilitation (Zajonc, 1965) : people and animals perform better in front of others on simple tasks but worse on complex tasks Social norms : shared expectations about how people should think, feel, and behave Social roles : a set of norms for how a person in a social position ought to behave Conforming Conformity occurs when people yield to real or imagined social pressure Informational social influence : we conform because we believe that others are right Normative social influence : we conform to be accepted by other people Factors that affect conformity: o Group size o Presence of a dissenter Solomon Asch’s study on conformity Obedience A form of compliance that occurs when people follow direct commands, usually from someone in a position of authority Stanley Milgram’s findings o 40 subjects used as “teachers” in a “learning” experiment o Subjects delivered increasing shock levels (15-450 volts) for wrong responses o 26 out of 40 subjects delivered all 30 levels of shock o Note that participants only believed they were administering shock. In reality, the
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Chapter 16-Social Psychology - Chapter 16-Social Psychology...

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