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Agrarian Protest o Rural crisis: markets, middlemen, money o Farmer’s allowance o Populist movement Omaha platform (1892) Critique of industrial capitalism Election of 1896 o Outcomes The Roots of Progressivism Defining progressivism o Benevolent reformers Urban, northeast, white o Social control Prohibition of alcohol o Political progressivism o Progressivism as cultural reform Sources of progressive reform o Evangelical Protestantism and the social gospel Taught they must go out and spread the word of god o Evangelical Protestantism and the social gospel
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Unformatted text preview: o Pragmatism-scientific method to philosophy o Professionalization • Settlement house as progressive laboratory o What’s a settlement house? o Jane Addams and ellen gates starr 1889 o Brought middle class reformers to live in a working class neighborhood to alleviating urban problems • Interpreting the settlement house o Settlement workers as “benevolent reformers” o Settlement workers exerting social control o Settlement workers as political activists...
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