10.29.07 - Administration(NRA New Deal Critics •...

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The Great Depression and the New Deal Americans Respond to the Great Depression Urban Protest-Penny Auction Agricultural Protest-A holiday Breadline in New York City Bonus Army-1932 FDR Reaches out to the Public FDR’s New Leadership Style Personal Charisma and fireside chats Activist spouse, Eleanor Roosevelt The First New Deal Emergency Banking Act Agricultural Adjustment Act Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) and the National Recovery
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Unformatted text preview: Administration (NRA) New Deal Critics • Conservatives and the supreme court • Huey long and a critique from the left Second New Deal Programs • Wagner Act • Social Security Act • Works Progress Administration (WPA) o Federal Theater Project o Art by Artists. Art for the People? New Deal Legacies • Expanded Federal Government • Defined New National Community & National Rights • Political Realignment • Did not end the Depression...
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10.29.07 - Administration(NRA New Deal Critics •...

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