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Early Stages of War Colonialism o French Colony since mid-19 th century o Occupied by Japan during World War II o Rise of Nationalism and Ho Chi Minh o France wanted to re-occupy. ..US took French side against Vietnamese Vietnam and the Cold War Lens o Domino Theory o Geneva Accords o Ngo Dien Diem and South Vietnam Vietnamese Revolution Continues o Rise of National Liberation Front o Kennedy Increases U.S. Aid to South
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Unformatted text preview: o Diem Assassinated, 1963 Johnson’s War • Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, 1964 • Americanization of the War o Operation Rolling Thunder o Defoliation • Tet Offensive, 1968 Experiences of Vietnam • A Soldier’s War o Who fought? o Nature of fighting o My Lai Anti-War Movement • Diverse Coalition • SDS and Student Protest o Port Huron Statement • Draft Protests...
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