21 gi tract muscular tube that extends from mouth to

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Unformatted text preview: unction to produce children Insert Figure 4.21 GI Tract Muscular tube that extends from mouth to anus Digestion and Absorption Bioavailability Extent to which digestive tract absorbs nutrients and how well body uses them Mouth Digestion begins in the mouth Mechanical digestion – Biting and grinding actions of teeth pieces. breaks and mashes food into smaller Chemical digestion – Saliva mixes and lubricates food. – Salivary amylase and lipase begin breakdown of starch and fat, respectively. Taste and Smell of Foods Taste Buds – Specialized sensory structures on the tongue and in the lining of mouth and throat Five Tastes: Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami Smell – Chemicals in food become airborne and stimulate nasal passages, contributing to sense of taste Insert photo of girl with ice cream page 96 From the Mouth to the Stomach Esophagus – Tube connecting pharynx to stomach Epiglottis – Flap that folds down over trachea (windpipe) when you swallow Gastroesophageal sphincter – Located at the end of the esophagus; controls...
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