Chapter 4 Body Basics

8 anatomy study of cells and other body structures

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Unformatted text preview: sucrase lactase lipase protease Insert Figure 4.8 Anatomy Study of cells and other body structures Physiology Study of how cells and body structures function Basic Physiology Concepts Cell – Smallest functional structure in a living organism A human has ~ 100 trillion cells. Organelles – Structures within cells that perform specialized functions Organelles include: nucleus, mitochondria, and ribosomes. The Cell A Cell Insert Figure 4.9 Tissues – Collection of cells that perform specialized functions Epithelial tissue - Cells that form linings and coverings, such as skin Connective tissue - Cells that hold together, protect, and support organs What Are Tissues? From Cells to Systems Organ: Collection of various types of tissues with related functions System: Collection of organs with related functions. Insert Figure 4.10 The Organ Systems of the Human Body Insert table 4.2 Respiratory System Lungs ena...
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