Difficult and infrequent bowel movements causes lack

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Unformatted text preview: Peptic Ulcer ◦Irritable Bowel Syndrome Gut Reaction: Constipation What is Constipation? • Difficult and infrequent bowel movements • Causes: – Lack of fiber in diet – Inadequate water intake – Anxiety or depression – Changes in daily routine – Ignoring need to defecate Gut Reaction: Diarrhea • Frequent, loose bowel movements • Causes are often bacterial or viral • Treatment: – OTC medication – Replacing fluid, sodium, and potassium to prevent dehydration – Immediate treatment of severe diarrhea in infants or the elderly is crucial Gut Reaction: Vomiting Contraction of abdominal muscles to expel toxic stomach and duodenal contents • Causes: Ingestion of toxic substances, intense pain, head injury, motion sickness, pregnancy, or touching back of throat • Treatment: - Avoid solid food until resolved - Sip water or non-carbonated beverages, if tolerated, to prevent dehydration Watch for signs of dehydration. Contact...
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