Chapter 4 Body Basics

Insert figure 412 insert figure 413 lymphatic system

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Unformatted text preview: ble body to exchange gases, mainly oxygen and carbon dioxide. Insert Figure 4.12 Insert Figure 4.13 Lymphatic System Helps maintain fluid balance, absorb many fatsoluble nutrients, and defend the body against diseases Urinary System Insert Figure 4.13 Kidneys filter unneeded substances from blood and help maintain proper fluid balance. Bladder stores urine until elimination. Insert Figure 4.15 Muscular System Muscles enable the body to move, and they provide support and protection. Skeletal System Bones provide support, movement, and protection. Bones also store certain minerals and produce red blood cells. Insert Figur e 4.16 Insert Figure 4.17 Nervous System Nervous system cells (neurons) in the brain, spinal cord, and throughout the body transmit information and responses by electrical and chemical signals. Endocrine System Organs and tissues that produce hormones Insert Figure 4.18 Integumentary System • Comprised of skin, hair, and nails Reproductive System • Main f...
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