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Watergate Nixon’s Paranoia and the culture of conspiracy Scandal in the white house o The plumbers o Watergate break-in and its aftermath o Saturday night massacre and resignation Welcome to the 1970’s A “Kidney Stone” of a decade John Travolta, Bruce Springsteen, and economic decline Jimmy Carter and “Malaise” Hostages in Iran—52 people, 444 days “The River” (1980) Power of new conservatives Election of 1980 o Carter (D), Reagan ®, and Anderson (I) o Apathetic voter turnout o Optimism trumps malaise The Reagan coalition
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Unformatted text preview: The religious right Small government Eroded new deal coalition Reaganomics Supply-side economics o Economic recovery tax act, 1981 o Omnibus reconciliation act, 1981 Deregulation Balanced budget Reagans Foreign Policy Battling the evil empire Central America Iran-contra scandal Return to dtente End of an era National identity & the constitution Social and cultural change Politics and foreign affairs Role of history?...
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