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Unformatted text preview: lutter Phenomenon in Wind Tunnel COUPLED FLUTTER PHENOMENON AT 23 M/SEC WIND SPEED Wind Wind Driven Failure of Tacoma Narrows Bridge (Torsional Flutter) Wind Wind Engineering Applications Building Building Cladding Damage Exterior Exterior Components Damage Roofing Roofing Damage Testing Testing Methods Cyclic Pressure Testing: Testing Testing Methods Missile Testing (Debris Impact): Testing Testing Methods Z-97 Impact Testing: Testing Testing Methods Z-97 Impact Testing: Wind Wind Design Methods Analytical Procedure (ASCE 7) Limitations (ASCE 7-05, C 6.5.2) 7* Site locations that have channeling effects * Buildings and structures with irregular geometric shape * Structures with unusual response characteristics (vortex shedding, flutter, galloping, etc.) * Bridges, cranes, electrical transmission lines, telecommunication towers Balcony Balcony Handrail System Shielding effects can be predicted by wind -tunnel testing Roof Roof Top Equipment ASCE7-05 Commentary mentions Due to higher turbulence and pressure correlation, ASCE7-05 may increase loading by factor of 1.9 BluffBluff-Body (Civil Engineering Structures) Aerodynamics Reynolds Reynolds Number Effects (Courtesy: RWDI) FullFull-Scale Destructive & Aerodynamic Testing U. of Buffalo’s NEES Shake-Table Failure of Roof Tiles in FullScale Wind Testing at FIU Automobile Crash Testing Technology Developments for Human Safety FullFull-Scale Testing Wall Wall of Wind at FIU FullFull-Scale Testing Wall Wall of Wind at FIU FullFull-Scale Testing Wall Wall of Wind at FIU Practical Practical Application of Aerodynamics Aerodynamics in Automobile Industry Industry Paint Paint Filter Waste Reduction Source Reduction Cost Paint-FilterCost of Paint-Filter- $355,000/yr. Filter Filter Waste Landfill- 128 Ton/yr. LandfillCost DisposalCost of Disposal- $10,000/yr. Reu...
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