Lecture 3 - Chamber choir o Instrumental Orchestra...

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Lecture 3 9/4/07 Received concerts list TA Emily E-Mail: [email protected] Timbre-Musical Color o Color of the sound of the instruments o Affected by size and shape of instrument o Affected by what is used to play instrument 4 families of instruments o Strings o Woodwinds o Brass o Percussion Strings o Violin o Viola o Violoncello (cello) o Bass o Other strings Harp Guitar Banjo Mandolin o Special effects Vibrato Pizzicato Glissando Tremolo Trill Double-stopping Mute Harmonics Woodwinds o Flute/piccolo (no reed) o Oboe (double reed) o English horn (double) o Clarinet (single) o Bassoon (double) o Saxophone (single) Brass o Trumpet o French horn o Trombone o Tuba
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Lecture 3 9/4/07 Percussion o Pitched-Timpani or kettledrum, xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel o Unpitched-triangle, snare drum, gong, tambourine o Others-piano, organ, accordion 4 primary voice types o Soprano o Alto (mezzo) o Tenor o Bass (baritone) Musical ensembles o Choral Mixed (SATB) Men’s, women’s, children’s (boy, girl or mixed)
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Unformatted text preview: Chamber choir o Instrumental Orchestra Band (wind ensemble) o Instrumental chamber groups Duos Trios Quartets Quintets • Texture-musical fabric o Interweaving of the melodic and harmonic elements of music o Monophony-one voice (no accompaniment) o Polyphony-many-voiced, based on counterpoint o 3 other textures Homorhythm-all voices moving in the same rhythm at the same time Homophony-1 melody, with accompaniment Heterophony-2 or more voices improvising 1melody • Form-musical architecture o Repetition and contrast o Theme o Variation o Sequence o Motive o Call and response o Ostinato (black eyed peas-“where is the love?” ) “dun, dun dun dun dun. ..dun dun dun dun. .. • 3 forms o Binary-2 parts or AB o Ternary-3 parts or ABA Lecture 3 9/4/07 o Rondo-ABACA...
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Lecture 3 - Chamber choir o Instrumental Orchestra...

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