NPB101L Practical Review

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Unformatted text preview: Part 3: Effect of Epinephrine INCREASE •  Addi&on of epinephrine caused an ____________ in HR and contrac&lity WHY? •  Norepi/Epi released by sympathe&c ac&vity •  Binds to adrenergic receptors that will increase rate of depolariza&on in pacemaker cells and causes an increase in calcium concentra&on • Also causes increase in myocardial contrac&lity and thus SV Lab 6 – The Human Respiratory System Physiology 1.  Anatomy of respiratory system, Breathing mechanism, inspira&on, expira&on, ven&la&on rates 2.  Par&al pressures of gases in atmosphere and blood, blood carrying O2 and CO2 , Bohr shi` 3.  Central and peripheral chemoreceptors, respiratory centers (DRG, VRG), Herring- Breur reflex, hypoxia, hypercapnea, exercise- induced hypernea 4.  Lung volumes: IRV, TV, ERV, RV, FRC Experiments Part 1: Sta-c Lung Volumes •  Measurement of VC,...
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