NPB101L Practical Review

Exercise increases the demand for o2 and produces

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Unformatted text preview: R will be ____________ than late diastole WHY? Post- ESC •  Frank- Starling ESC Law Comp. •  ESC has less &me Pause to fill so it has a smaller contrac&on •  Post- ESC has a longer &me to fill so it has a greater contrac&on •  Compensatory pause caused by refractory period of ventricle not allowing depolariza&on of muscle cells - > no contrac&on 1.67 grams Mechnical Trace 0.83 0.00 -0.83 994.37 seconds 997.91 1001.45 Part 2: Vagal S&mula&on •  VAGUS nerve was s&mulated to produce bradycardia (decrease HR) and cardiac arrest WHY? •  Vagus nerve carries parasympathe&c nerves that release ACh •  ACh will slow pacemaker ac&vity in SA node and decrease conduc&on of APs through the AV node •  VAGAL ESCAPE  PNS highly innervates SA node, but not AV node or ectopic cells • Other pacemaker cells takeover as the “driver” of HR but will not have as fast of rate as SA node...
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