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NPB101L Practical Review

Heart anatomy human and frog 2 excitaon contracon

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Unformatted text preview: –  First sounds heard: __________ pressure –  Sounds disappear: ___________ pressure DIASTOLIC Part 2: Effect of posture on BP •  Moving from a supine to upright posi&on will DECREASE ini&ally cause BP to ____________ , but over &me BP will increase back to normal WHY? •  Blood pools in veins of lower extremi&es due to hydrosta&c pressure •  MAP decreases because less volume of blood in the arterial system and also less venous return •  Baroreceptors sense decrease in BP and signal INCREASE to brain to ___________ sympathe&c ac&vity and DECREASE _____________ parasympathe&c ac&vity Part 3: Reac&ve Hyperemia •  A`er pressure cuff was removed there was an ____________ in blood flow to occluded area INCREASE WHY? •  Local metabolites build up that cause v...
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